Reducing Your Toxic Load Using Drainage

undaWe live in a toxic world. Whether it is all of the chemicals contained in your body care products or the chemical additives in your box of cereal or the flea medication that you just gave your dog, toxins are everywhere.  On a daily basis, we are exposed to countless potentially harmful substances.  Stress and other emotions can also contribute to toxins in the body, as can lack of sufficient water intake. Everyone can benefit from some form of detoxification, even healthy individuals, at least a couple of times per year.

Biotherapeutic Drainage using the UNDA numbered compounds is perhaps one of the more gentle and effective methods of detoxification.  Many patients have questions and concerns about how the UNDA compounds work. For your convenience, here is a brief summary.

The UNDA numbers were created over 50 years ago in Switzerland by Georges Discri, Dr. Louis Reuter and Dr. Antoine Nebel. Research was devoted to the formulations that worked best in practice and that’s how the UNDAs were discovered. The compounds are made from plant and mineral substances and are homeopathically prepared and are, therefore, non-toxic and safe.  At the same time, they are very potent and can address numerous imbalances in the body.  For more information on homeopathy, please see the section “What is Homeopathy & Heilkunst?

Each UNDA compound has a specific purpose in the body.  The plant part of the medicine has an affinity for certain organ systems in the body.  Chelidonium majus, for example, has an affinity for the liver while Cratageus oxycantha has an affinity for the heart and cardiovascular system.  Plants also affect how an organ or organ system works, so while some plants have a stimulating action others will promote relaxation or dampen down an organ’s function.  Meanwhile, the mineral part of the medicine affects the way our cells carry out chemical reactions.  One can think of the cells as tiny little energy-producing factories.  After the cells have processed different reactions, they will eliminate the waste products.  Various metals will assist the cell in carrying out its functions.

The elimination of waste is essentially called drainage.  These remedies are helping the body to detoxify by helping all of the individual energy-producing factories (our cells) to work more efficiently.  While the plants are assisting in directing the remedy to the appropriate organ system, whether it is respiratory, cardiovascular or digestive, the minerals are affecting the way cells are functioning on a biochemical level, especially with the elimination of waste.

liver&kidneyThe primary eliminatory pathways are the liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs.  But when these pathways of elimination are overwhelmed, the body will find secondary ways to excrete toxins.  The skin is a common secondary route of excretion, as are the mucous membranes of the nasal sinuses and the vaginal tract in women.  Chronic vaginitis or irritation of the sinuses could be a sign of overwhelmed liver, kidneys and intestines.  UNDA numbers can help get the primary organs of elimination back in working order, so that the body doesn’t rely so heavily on emergency methods of elimination.

Restoring effective drainage through primary routes of elimination can play a significant role in bringing health into balance. Health is restored when the body is able to rid itself of toxins that naturally accumulate in the cells.  But drainage is just one method of restoring an individual to optimum health.  Proper diet, exercise, hydration and stress reduction are also essential to preventing disease and fostering a truly holistic approach to health.

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