Tissue Salts for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy final

Early in pregnancy, women are often told to take folic acid (or folate, which is better absorbed).  Studies now recognize that supplementation with folate can have a protective effect against neural tube defects in the embryo, specifically, anencephaly and spina bifida.  While this is important, it is also essential to address the mother’s health.  During pregnancy the baby requires certain salts that it gets at the expense of the mother.  The following program, which is based on Schuessler’s tissue salts, will help to maintain healthy salt levels in the mother so that neither mother or baby suffer deficiencies.


Calc Fluor – for bone development and elasticity of the connective tissues, and helps prevent stretch marks.

Mag Phos – for heartburn and nerve development.

Ferr Phos – for blood oxygenation.

Nat Mur – helps control salt and therefore fluid balance, and helps prevent swollen ankles.

Silica – for teeth, bones, hair and general strength.


Take 1 tablet of each 2x per day (morning and evening)*

month 2&6 Calc Flour Mag Phos Ferr Phos

month 3&7 Calc Flour Mag Phos Nat Mur

month 4&8 Calc Flour Nat Mur Silica

month 5&9 Calc Flour Ferr Phos Silica

*Tissue salts can vary in size, depending on brand.  I am basing the dosage on the Martin & Pleasance brand of tissue salts.  If you are using the Hylands’ brand, I would recommend 4 tablets 2x per day, as the tablets are smaller.