Lisa is the BEST! In her practice, medicine is truly a healing art. Intuitive, insightful, and empathic, Lisa uses her broad background of training and clinical experience to help people listen to their bodies and facilitate healing. She is an excellent listener and remembers even the smallest details, enabling her to pinpoint exactly what is needed for each person to achieve good health. Her awareness that everyone is unique, combined with her amazing skill and wisdom, ensure that even the most sensitive patients can benefit from her wide variety of healing modalities. Lisa also keeps up with the constant flow of information in the field of holistic health, and employs new technologies to advantage. If you are seeking a caring, intelligent practitioner to guide you to vibrant well-being, Lisa is second to none!

-Judith Mitchell

I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa Rutherford on my health issues for the past year.  Prior to meeting her I had explored the medical route as well as naturopathy and acupuncture with little to no success.  Immediately after beginning to work with Lisa my chronic health issues began the healing process and continue to do so with each visit.  Lisa’s approach is holistic in that it includes homeopathy, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle advising.  The holism of her practice also resolved dysfunctional health states I had been completely unaware of as my body had simply adapted to cope.  In addition to her broad range of education and skills her interpersonal approach is outstanding.  She continually demonstrates warmth, empathy and respect for the uniqueness of each individual and their case which lends itself to the formation of a safe and trustworthy relationship.  Each visit I am left further educated, empowered and inspired to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  In between visits she is happy to answer questions and encourages contact unlike other professionals in the field who often pressure clients into making appointments to answer simple questions.  My trust in her abilities has led me to send many friends and family her way.  As I continue to approach pivotal ages and changes in my life I am comforted knowing she is on my side.  Her work has truly changed my life.  Thank you Lisa!

-Katherine Gregory

Lisa Rutherford is an extremely knowledgeable, caring and thorough practitioner. I started working with her over 2 years ago when I was going through an extremely difficult time emotionally, and was experiencing terrible acne. She immediately made me feel completely at ease, and recommended a simple but extremely effective nutrition plan, accompanied by high quality supplements and remedies. Within just a few months, I was already seeing results and over a shorter time than I thought imaginable, I had clear and glowing skin again (and felt much more in balance!) I now know what I have to do to stay this way and I know I can count on Lisa anytime any issue comes up. She is quick and reliable with her correspondence, and always warm and friendly in her demeanor. I feel complete faith and trust in Lisa and would recommend her to anyone, no matter how big or small their heath concern.

-Lara C.

I started seeing Lisa Rutherford in October 2014 to deal with severe heart palpitations as well as long time hot flashes that I had been experiencing. My GP had no idea what was causing the heart palpitations and all the diagnostic testing had shown nothing. These palpitations were really having a negative effect on my life.  I would have them while watching TV, sleeping or even just walking. I wasn’t able to continue with my physical activities. I could no longer keep up my fitness classes or even go for a walk without having them quite severely. Lisa zeroed right in on the probable cause after taking a fairly lengthy personal history on my first appointment. Within a week of using her recommended therapy they had decreased by about 50%, by the end of the month they were entirely gone! I have also been working with her on the hot flashes and they too have decreased to a very tolerable level. I am so grateful to Lisa for her knowledge not only in homeopathic medicine but also her deep knowledge of nutrition. Thank you Lisa, I feel fantastic!

-Bev Harper

Lisa took very good care of me, my daughter and my husband while we lived in Victoria for a few years.  She is so sweet, friendly and knowledgeable – is always updating her skill, exploring new products and methods of treatment – gentle but powerful and we are willing to get her advice even from another province.


After seeing Lisa, I no longer have my terrible problem of chronic diarrhea which I have had for many years!!!  This has made a major change in my life.  She helped me to see how the drugs that I take for depression affect my body. Until I met with Lisa, I never connected the lithium that I take to the diarrhea. And my doctors never mentioned the connection either. After seeing Lisa I was able to go back to my psychiatrist and ask her to take me off of the lithium and replace it with another medication that would not be so hard on my system.  This changed everything for the better. It seems that these days a person cannot depend on their doctors to help us to get better with some of our medical issues.  Lisa was able to do what other doctors and specialists could not.  She helped to open my mind and I am extremely grateful.

-Lynn S.

Lisa has has been and continues to be of pivotal importance in improving my quality of physical and mental functioning. Her always constructive and patient suggestions have helped me feel more than ten years younger. She is so relaxing to talk with and always sheds a positive light on any health issues I am concerned about. I would happily recommend Lisa to any of my family and friends as the alternative health professional to see.