Nutritional Genomics: Personalized Health Protocols for Optimal Health


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Have you recently taken a genetic test and are wondering what to do with the information?  Or have you heard about genetic testing, but aren’t sure how to proceed?

In the last few months, I have begun working with Pure Encapsulations®, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypoallergenic health supplements.  This company is helping bridge the gap between genetic results and personalized health protocols by providing healthcare practitioners with the resources they need to interpret genetic test results.

The mapping of the human genome has brought tremendous opportunities for optimizing human health, but this flood of information has also led to more questions. Can genetic variations lead to long-term health consequences? How can these be bypassed? And, how can practitioners use genetic information to help people achieve their best health?

The expanding field of nutritional genomics holds tremendous potential for healthcare providers to connect the dots between the human genome and nutrition to optimize health. The challenge lies in sorting through pages of genetic data, which requires a skilled eye and may take hours to interpret effectively. This means it is incredibly difficult for practitioners to take full advantage of this powerful information and provide every unique individual with a personalized treatment plan for optimal health.

Understanding your genetics and taking measures to optimize your health doesn’t have to be complicated.

The PureGenomics™ website application helps with translating, identifying and addressing common genetic variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). While over 10 million SNPs are known, only a few have clinical significance. PureGenomics™ provides reports on SNPs that are relevant to health, validated by published research, and responsive to nutritional support, making it easy for practitioners such as myself to upload an individual’s genetic test results and offer a tailored nutritional regimen based on each person’s unique health needs.

So, how does one go about achieving optimal health?  Start with ordering a test from and then schedule an appointment so we can go over your results.  If you want to learn more information about the PureGenomics™ website application, click here.