Homeopathic First Aid Kit for the Family


While on maternity leave, I put together a list of first aid remedies which can be useful for the whole family.  A lot of these remedies can be found at the health food store or at some pharmacies.  Homeopathic first aid kits can also be found online.  Another option is to buy a homeopathic formula, which is a combination of remedies for a specific condition (e.g. colic, anxiety, sleep, etc.), but it may not be as effective for addressing your unique symptoms.  Keep in mind that in an emergency condition, while you can still use these remedies, it is important to also seek help from a medical professional.

Contusions, Physical Traumas

Arnica: For any kind of trauma to the body (e.g. fall, contusion, fright), especially if there is bruising. It is also good for exhaustion for both parents and baby. Combine with Cocculus for exhaustion and jet lag.

Stapyhsagria: Indicated for cuts or severe trauma/violation to the body.  I would recommend it for surgeries, any type of shock, dental work, knife wounds, etc.  You can take it in combination with Arnica for physical or psychological trauma.


Urtica Urens: For first degree burn (e.g. hot water, touching a hot pan)

Cantharis: For second degree burn (needs medical attention).

Phosphorous: For third degree burn (e.g. electrical burn, needs serious medical attention).

Calendula: Indicated for any kind of skin damage to speed up healing time. It can also be used topically and id ideal for diaper rash, burns, cuts, etc. due to its regenerative and antiseptic properties.  If there is broken skin, apply liberally and often.

Emotional Shock with Fear

Aconite: This remedy is indicated for any kind of shock or fright.  This is the main remedy to consider when shock to the emotional system is present.  There is a lot of fear, anxiety and restlessness with this remedy.

Emergency Eye Conditions

Euphrasia: The botanical name for this remedy is Eyebright.  It is an excellent remedy whenever there are symptoms in the eye that cause burning discharge. There can also be a bland discharge from the nose.

Food Poisoning

Arsenicum: This remedy is indicated when a person has been poisoned by contaminated food or water. I was in Peru with some American tourists several years back. They developed severe food poisoning with severe nausea and diarrhea. I gave this remedy to them and all of their symptoms cleared up within a few hours.

Carbo Veg: Food poisoning that has been caused by putrid fish or seafood, or rancid fats.  There is a great amount of flatulence, often incarcerated (unable to expel) and bloating and rumbling in the abdomen.  This remedy has helped a lot of my baby patients who have these very symptoms. Regardless of the cause, this remedy can help with digestive problems (as long as they match the remedy picture. Same for Arsencium or any other remedy).


Symphytum: Also known as Comfrey or “knit bone,” this remedy is best used after a trip to the emergency room, after broken bones have been set, to speed up healing. This remedy is also one of the main remedies indicated for a blow to the orbit around the eye.

Heatstroke, Sunstroke

Veratrum: Indicated for heat exhaustion.   Symptoms include a cold sweat on the forehead, exhausted, cold, cramps, thirst for cold water and ice.  There can also be vomiting and purging with cold sweats.

Cuprum: Invaluable in the treatment of muscle cramping inherent in heat exhaustion. There can be vomiting and purging, but with no sweat.

Belladonna: This is an invaluable heatstroke remedy, as it is indicated for the symptoms of redness, sudden onset and heat.  It is a great sunburn remedy as well.

Glonoinum: Indicated for sunstroke. There are bursting, explosive symptoms (e.g. throbbing pulsation in the head with every pulse beat, headaches are severe bursting or crushing pain, aggravated by noise, motion, jarring, stooping, etc.).

Hemmorhage, Bleeding, Loss of Vital Fluids

Ferr phos or Phosphorous: These remedies can help with the coagulation of blood, which will slow or stop blood loss.

China: Indicated for great loss of bodily fluids.

Insect or Animal Bites or Stings, and Puncture Wounds

Apis: This is another great remedy for any kind of insect bite or sting.  It can be combined with Ledum.  If you have any stinging, burning or itching, combined with redness and swelling, this is the remedy to take.  This remedy is indicated for anyone going into anaphylactic shock due to allergy (if they don’t have their EpiPen on hand).

Ledum: For any kind of puncture wound, whether it is from a nail, insect bite or animal bite.  It can be combined with Apis. It is also a useful remedy to give if you decide to vaccinate your baby.

Muscle Strain and Poison Ivy

Rhus tox: Indicated for joint pain that is worse from initial motion, and better from continued motion (think of a rusty gate, which is tight when it starts to move but then loosens up as motion continues).   I give this remedy in combination with Ruta and Arnica for any kind of sprain or strain.  It just so happens this remedy is also great for poison ivy.

Nerve Trauma

Hypericum: For any kind of damage to the central nervous system, from a fall that injures the coccyx to having your finger caught in the door. Combine with Ledum when getting vaccination or any kind of lab work where needles are involved.

Septicimia, Infections

Pyrogenium: In cases of extreme sepsis, where the infection is rampant in the body, Pyrogenium is the remedy.  There is a constant restlessness and the discharges are putrid, cadaveric. The fever is extreme, the pulse rapid and sweating brings no relief.

Sleep Deprivation

Cocculus: This is a restorative remedy and will help cure exhaustion, dullness and numbness caused by lack of sleep. Combine with Arnica for jet lag.


Bach’s Rescue Remedy:  You can rub this into the inner elbows or back of knees to calm a stressed baby.  It might come in handy during transition period or travelling from one country to another.


Aconitum: Indicated for the baby or child who has sense of panic, easily startled.  This remedy will help where there is tremendous fear and anxiety.  Incidentally, it is the first remedy to think of at the first sign of a cold.

Ignatia: This is a great remedy for separation anxiety and/or for grief and loss. This could be felt by the new mother or the baby. The baby may benefit from this remedy during transitional times.

Pulsatilla: Indicated for baby who is sweet, clingy, affectionate, demanding of attention and affection.  You might also notice that they switch from tears to smiles when comforted.  Later on, you may find that this is a great teething remedy. Look out for the symptoms of whininess and clinginess.

Coffea: You might consider this remedy if it is difficult to console the baby or when he/she will not sleep.  The key symptoms with this remedy are hypersensitivity to pain and stimuli (light, noise, touch), restlessness, sleepless.  Think about the symptoms you get when you’ve had too much coffee to drink and the excitability that comes with it.

Chamomila: This is another teething remedy, but it is also good if your baby is inconsolable and has an irritable temper.


Chamomila: Irritability, unbearable pain, whining, thirsty, restless, diarrhea, green stool.

Lycopodium: Ineffectual stool, constipation, mucous, gas.

Colocynthis: Agonizing abdominal pain, irritability, doubled over in pain.

Colds and Coughs

Aconite: Indicated in the initial stages of any acute inflammatory process, Aconite is the first remedy to be considered in symptoms of cold.  Its symptoms often come on after exposure to cold, dry winds.

Allium Cepa: One of the major remedies to think of for hay fever symptoms.  Think of the symptoms you get when chopping an onion.

Belladonna: A great fever remedy, at first stage of cold or flu.

Antimonium tart: Indicated when you hear mucous rattling in the chest.  Slow onset.

Ipecac: Indicated when the cold symptoms spread down from the head to the chest very quickly and the cough feels suffocative.  The cough is wet and the lungs are rattling and sound full of mucous.

Drosera: This is the cough remedy par excellence.  It has symptoms of tickling in the larynx or a sensation as if there is a feather tickling the larynx, which excites the cough.  There is dryness and roughness, with hoarseness.

Natrum muriaticum: Indicated when there is lots of sneezing, itching and burning in the eyes. The lips can be chapped with cracks at the corners of the mouth. The eyes will tear and it is worse outside or in wind.   Nasal discharge will look like egg white.

Pulsatilla: Indicated for baby who is sweet, clingy, affectionate, demanding of attention and affection.  You might also notice that they switch from tears to smiles when comforted.  The cough has a yellow to greenish mucous and you might notice an alteration of symptoms (e.g. loose with expectoration in the morning and yet dry at night with no expectoration).


Belladonna: This is the most commonly used remedy for earaches, especially during the initial and acute stages of inflammation. The Belladonna earache will come on suddenly with redness of the internal and/or external ear (esp. the right ear).  You might also notice extreme heat of the face, pupils dilated and sudden onset of fever.

Chamomila: Excellent remedy for ear pain.  There will be anger and upset at everything. The baby might ask for something and then, when it is given, throw it away.  The baby is irritable and inconsolable.

Pulsatilla: Indicated for baby who is sweet, clingy, affectionate, demanding of attention and affection.  You might also notice that they switch from tears to smiles when comforted.  The bones and area behind the ear can be swollen, and there may be a bland discharge of mucous and pus from the ear, which may be thick and yellowish-green.


Aconite: Sudden onset, especially after exposure to cold, dry winds.  There is a dry, burning heat of the skin, with extreme thirst.  The heat is chiefly in the head and face, with redness of the cheeks or heat and redness in one and paleness in the other and shivering if uncovered. Can come on after an emotional shock or fright.

Belladonna: Sudden onset with dry, burning heat (like Aconite).  There is thirst, and perspiration of the head and neck, which can be sour smelling.  Skin is very hot to the touch and there is great thirst. The face appears flushed with redness.  Pupils might appear dilated and glassy.

Ferrum phos: Slow onset. Main remedy for the initial stages of catarrhal and inflammatory fevers. High fever with quick pulse and dry heat of palms, face, throat and chest.


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