Flower Essences: A Tool to Balance Emotions and Enhance Well-being


For centuries, flower essences have been recognized in Australia, India and China for their incredible therapeutic potential.  Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), Physician and Homeopath, brought worldwide recognition to the use of flower essences.  Derived from the flowers of wild plants, trees and bushes, Bach discovered 38 remedies, each designed specifically for addressing negative emotions and the effects of past emotional trauma.  He also created Rescue Remedy, a combination of five remedies helpful for acute stress, trauma and to help promote relaxation, focus and calm.

Using spring water infused with wild flowers, Bach Flower Remedies are made 100% naturally either through boiling or the sun-steeped method.  The latter method has traditionally involved putting a selection of blossoms in a bowl of fresh water, which is then left to sit in the sun for a few hours.  The water is then drained off and preserved with an equal amount of brandy or similar alcohol.  This is the Mother Essence and can be further diluted in a stock bottle with other flower essences added.

Fear, lonliness, uncertainty and despair are some of the emotions that can be addressed with the appropriate flower essences.  Through treating the individual and not the disease or symptoms of the disease, these emotions are alleviated.  For example, if you have two people suffering the same complaint, e.g. migraine headache, they might feel better using two completely different remedies.  Balance in mind and body is restored, allowing the body to heal itself.

Of the numerous ready-made emergency formulas produced, the original and most well known of these is Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It contains:

Cherry Plum for extreme stress and loss of control.

Clematis for faintness, disorientation and ungroundedness, even coma.

Impatiens for great tension.

Rock Rose for terror, extreme fright, sudden realization of own mortality.

Star of Bethlehem for shock, trauma and their after-effects, offering significant protection against further problems arising from the incident.

This combination essence has often been used in cases of collapse, seizure (both human and animal), traumatic incidents such as car crashes, post-traumatic stress.  One of Bach’s first cases involving the use of Rescue Remedy was for a nearly-drowned sailor rescued from a wreck off the coast of Cornwall. According to Bach’s case notes, the unconscious, blue-faced and frozen man recovered within a few short minutes after Rescue Remedy was rubbed on his lips.

Bach recognized that mental and emotional trauma, which accompanies physical imbalance or disease, was crucial to pinpointing an underlying cause of a physical problem.  Through supporting a person on an emotional level with flower essences, the natural healing process on a physical level could be activated and equlibrium could be restored.

Whether using flower essences individually or in a formula such as Rescue Remedy, these remedies are considered a safe and natural method of healing.  Diluted in water, they are even safe to give to babies and animals.  Manufacturers of flower essences claim they are also safe enough to combine with other medications.  Rescue Remedy is available for oral use in liquid, pastille or gum form, but can also be used topically or added to sprays or diffusers.  The flower essences, available in liquid form, can be combined in a stock bottle to address a variety of emotions and complement other healing modalities.  To find out more information about Bach flower essences, visit www.bachcentre.com.  You can also visit https://www.pacificessences.com for more information about native westcoast wild flower essences.